Since 1983, McMines has been meeting the growing needs of the mining industry by offering industrial and mining products throughout Quebec, Ontario, Nunavut and we even export our products as far as Africa, Central America and United-States of America.

Our founder, Mr. Gerry Legault, also owner of Legault Métal at the time, saw a market opportunity in the early 80’s. With his knowledge of the needs of mining companies, he began to offer various products to help mine development and ensure maximum productivity. A relationship of trust has been established between Mr. Legault and the various leaders of the mining sector over the years. An important legacy that McMines employees want to perpetuate.

Today, McMines is a team of more than 25 employees ready to meet the needs of the industry with the ever-present concern to offer solutions for our customers.

In a process of continuous improvement and always proudly serving the customer, we will be happy to put in place mechanisms and reports as requested in your RFP.

Our inventory is the largest in Abitibi and allows us to offer the best possible service. We rely on an efficient supply chain that has proven its ability to serve you well in through the years. One of McMines several strengths is also his small team, capable of a lot of flexibility and adaptation. We are able to react quickly and deliver within tights deadline that the competition could not maintain.

For example, deliveries of pads for La Ronde, made accordingly to their handling and packaging standards and delivered often in less than 24 hours after de receipt of the Purchase Order is an incomparable service time.

As a mining supplier for several years, it will be our pleasure to serve you!

3 reasons to choose McMines inc.


After more than 35 years of finding solutions for mines, we know our products and that allows us to accurately pinpoint the products or equipment required to optimize your activities.

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We know that your productivity depends on our being able to quickly meet your needs. We shall do our utmost to deliver your parts without wasting a single moment. And since we are experts, you always have the right product at the right time.

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Customized products

Because every mine is different, we purchase our products directly from the manufacturer and adapt them to your specific needs. We have the facilities to modify and transform the products so that they meet your production requirements.

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Our vast inventory will meet with your satisfaction

Contact our advisers for professional service to help you find the right products for your project!

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